Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Would You Buy it Wednesday

Well... it's Wednesday again.  I almost forgot Junker Newbie's Would You Buy It Wednesday linky party!

So, I'm ready to walk out the door to work, and think "Crap, I need a Would You Buy It item!" then look around.  My living room is actually a living room, no piles or boxes of junk.  My dining room table actually has a decoration on it, not the cat, or piles of linens, granitware, frames, you know... like this:

That's what it's looked like for over a month.  I'm late for work... I need to contribute to Stephanie... hum... where do I still have PILES of stuff NOT packed for What Cheer?

The Front Porch!  (I will NOT show you a picture... I've been talking myself up so far on this post I'd like to stay on that pedestal for awhile longer!)

So.. I picked this up years ago when I got all the other great stuff from this post

I have still hung onto it, why, I'm not sure? What is it? It has small wood pegs at the end so is it part of a headboard?  Cupboard?

What would you do with it?  Would you buy it?

Give me some feedback, this is one item that will not be in the truck for What Cheer, so I need a reason to keep it!

Thanks for stoppin' by,

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Karen G @ It's Still Life said...

Not sure what it is but you could cut the legs/posts off and paint it. then add vinly in the middle of the oval and hang it. I love the detail of the oval. My guess is that is why you like it and have hung on to it.

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

I agree with Karen, it has the makings of a truly awesome sign!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

You could turn it sideways, put in a row of vintage glass knobs or pulls and hang vintage aprons from it...