Monday, August 30, 2010

And she's done!

Hello All!

Have you ever decided to redo a piece of furniture with excitement and anticipation... especially when you've gotten a new 'toy' to play with?!?

Introducing Agnus...

She's a beauty, and with a $15.00 rebate at Menards, she's going to be worth the investment...

So,what did she want to tackle first?

How about this...

Yeah, a good cleaning (maybe) could get her by... but what if Agnus could make her look even better? Yes, it was time to give Agnus a chance to debut!

After a few (I won't tell how many) hours with Agnus and cabinet enamel paint we realized that regardless of what the label says on the paint can... thinning the paint is needed. We didn't attempt it this time, but for future reference if we'd like to shave 5 hours off our spraying time with Agnus... it's something to consider.

On the positive side of it, I have learned all of Agnus sweet spots! And at what angle my arm gets tired the quickest!

Now... to give Agnus her props...

I think she did a good job! How about you?

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NEVER will I make mom of the year!

Tell me, don't you HATE it when important days creep up on you and you're kicking yourself you weren't prepared even though you KNEW it was going to be here before you know it?!?


Yep, my life seems like that!


Today is the kids first day of school... Reyna in 6th grade, Wiley in 4th... so for over 6 years I've been taking first day of school pictures...


Well, besides the TERRIBLE cold I have (punishment perhaps) I spent all nightlast night at an auction, until 11:30 to be exact. So I didn't get prepared for my kids first day. No pedi and mani for Reyna... no good night-did-you-pack-everything kisses goodnight.


Thank goodness Mike is the new stay at home dad... but it's just not the same... I'm MOM I should do all that!

So, at 5:45 when I'm up and at 'em for work I realize I need to find my camera for Mike to take pictures...

I looked here...

and here...

Do you think with 3 months of advanced notice I'd be a little more prepared?!? Nope... In my 2 auctions in 3 days whirlwind of cold fighting I have COMPLETELY misplaced my camera...


So this is what I have, Mike's crappy phone pix...

I guess it's better than nothing... but the worse (and most embarrassing thing about it is we have no vehicles that provide room to take the kids to school in) Did I mention AUCTION UNTIL 11:30PM!?!?

SO, doing it up in hillbilly fashion, Mike loaded them up in the small available room in the back of the truck (not the load pictured) and off to school they went... (Oh what people in town must say about us!)

Happy 1st day of school everyone, and here's to getting alittle more organized NEXT year!!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What? Summer is almost over?!?!

Can you believe it’s AUGUST? Where has the summer gone? I mean really? Wasn’t I supposed to have beers by the fire? Camping trips? Swimming with the kids? Bean bag games with neighbors?

I guess not… instead I’ve been busy working on projects for my friend’s store, The Changing Season ( I’m one of her only consignors (yeah for me!). She has opened an occasional store that’s open one weekend a month and business has been GREAT!

HOWEVER… that leaves me little time for beers by the fire, camping, swimming, (you get the picture).

Just so you don’t think I’m two timing you, I’ll show you some pix of the store. If I was a decent blogger I’d show you a quarter of what I’ve done and how I’ve done it. But I’m not decent, good, or even close.