Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whoa... look at the size of that thing!


I must share my uncle's great find. You're thinking some really great cupboard buried in the back of an old shed, or maybe a piece of sparkly bling in the dirt, or maybe a pair of old wheels off a wagon from years ago.

Yeah, I wish.

HOWEVER... this thing is almost as good. Well, at least it tastes much better than the treasures described above....

On a trip back to Iowa he discovered this...

yeah... look at the size of that thing! My aunt is holding up a 2-liter pop bottle for comparison.

You'd need a whole sack of flour and a full pound of butter for that morel!!!

YUMMY! Wish I was back in Colorado with him to share it... cause you know he can't, or at least shouldn't eat that all himself!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Year Anniversary...

WOW!!! It’s been just over a year since we started the bathroom remodel project! I can’t believe I haven’t shared it with you. Most of my good friends on here knew I started it some time ago; I believe I even posted a picture of my tub, then HELLO! I disappeared!

So, Let’s get to some pix, ‘cause who cares the steps that I took to tear it out, everyone can/loves doing demo (especially on a room you HATE!!!)

Shower corner before. Yep this retro, yet, festive Christmas-like paneling was covering the walls. Most of it was painted, and painted and did I mention painted? But some of it was left in its 1970’s beautiful state.

EEWWW… Here’s underneath the shower floor. Great support system as you can see, humm, do I blame me stepping through the floor on my weight or the support system. Yeah, definitely the support system. Dig the groovy tar backed linoleum?

Yeah, here’s the closet, bathroom in its massive glory! I’d take you on the tour, but this is it! In 1902 when they built my house they didn’t factor in bathrooms, so somewhere along the line someone decided to take the only closet in my upstairs and convert it into a bathroom. Yeah, that’s a WHOLE other subject!!

We (yes, my DH started helping with the demo when he knew I was serious) gutted the whole room, ceilings and ALL!!

NOW, look what we accomplished, all by doing it ourselves, well, except for some plumbing manifold installation from a plumber.

We did the electrical, most of the plumbing, installed all the fixtures, tiled, everything… and it only cost $3700 for the total remodel! The tub was our biggest cost at $1700. (I highly recommend acrylic tubs on 2nd floors!) Who knew a claw foot tub could fit in a 7x7 square foot closet! Just a little elbow grease, the DIY network, and a few smarts and anyone can do this... you might kill your significant other in the process, but it will be worth it... I promise!

Granted, it took us 7 months to fully complete, only because we took the ‘Hey, we have another bathroom…” “How many ball games this season?” “Don’t forget I’ve got classes every night this week…” “Saturday classes?” approach!