Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Merry Christmas to you!

Just had to share. 

My dear husband is about as Scrooge has you can get around the holidays.  I hang the lights, I put up the tree, you get the picture.

This year however, I vowed to have him a little more active. 

Enter Pinterest.  I found this picture.

And thought, "I can do that".
I showed Mike and he got on board.  On board to make it bigger and badder.
I had to get a step stool to reach the top box!
I love it!  And putting it together with Mike put me in the holiday spirit.  My nephew, however had other things to say.  "Aunt Kimmy, that notta a itmas tree!"
I hope you see my vision and will have a Very Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Patience is a virtue


Hello Strangers!  LONG time no see!!! You know I usually don't show up unless I have something amazing to share with you.  Well...

This is pretty amazing.

See this...

It use to be this...

(I'd say excuse the mess, because I forgot to take pix before... but it was so dang ugly, the mess just looks at home!!!)

And this...

Is now this...

And this ugly thing...

Is now this...

In progress...

A few more details...

After years, since we moved in to be exact, I have hated, loathed, despised, my kitchen.  Not only because it's ugly, but because when everyone comes into my house everyone congregates in the kitchen... and well, it's ugly.  So, I had a vision.

These cupboards my dad bought a farm auction 3 years ago needed more love then sitting outside covered in a tarp.

HOWEVER... with a remodel comes a budget.  And I always have a small one for any project I do.  I'm a penny pinching hillbilly.  So I collected items from my father's sheds, begged and bartered for wood, the sink, barn hinges.  And after installing a new window, moving electrical and some plumbing, and LOTS of oil... my grand total was... drum roll please...


Like I told my friend Robelyn, If anyone says they can't make a beautiful kitchen on a tight budget they have never been junkin' and re purposing before!!!

Hope you enjoyed my virtual tour!  Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gotta Love Rednecks!

So, I'm attempting to catch up on my blogs and notice my dear friend Robelyn over at

find her here

Decided to do a post on all her great 'sparkles' she has aquired.  And there I am, in the pile! :)

As  Leslie over at Retreauxgirl  said, "I feel as though being mentioned in your blog with all of these fabulous ladies that i have won some type of award."   And I completely agree!!! If you haven't checked out either one of these lovely ladies blog's it is a must! (AND of course all the other ladies Robelyn let you in on!)
I am not as blogger friendly as some of the other ladies.  I'm a fair weather blogger!  I appologize, but do thank all of you who do swing in every once in a while when I do emerge from my hole!

I do have to share my newest creation with you today.  I decided to make these for some of the teachers that work with DH.  I made over 15 of these, and after he gave the 6 away the other 9 were sold the same day to others in the school!  They are quick and easy to make. 

 I did have to keep the last one for myself.  I am a hat freak and this added the perfect touch!  I wish the pictures would have turned out better... but that's what you get with an IPhone and 6am!

Thanks for stoppin' by!