Monday, August 29, 2011

Suitcase Redo

We all love vintage suitcases like this: 

But what happens when you get a bunch like this:

Ugly and nicked.  Well, you could grab these supplies...

and some scrapbook paper and turn it into this:

It is time consuming (I watched the original Tarzan and Jane whilst decoupagin') but just measure, cut paper and have at it.  You do go through a good chunk of Mod Podge, but that's what Hobby Lobby's 40% off one item coupon is for!

So next time, don't pass up the ugly duckling.... make her the beautiful swan!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Would You Buy it Wednesday

It's Thursday. 

I think. 

1st week back at school for the kids.  Mike 1st week of teaching.  First week of volleyball practice (every night).  First week of tackle football (every night).  First week of homework for 5 hours. First week of no supper (not a single night!). LAST week of class for Mike.

My head is spinning.

It's Thursday and I feel like this...

So I almost forgot Stephanie's Would You Buy it Wednesday.  But I didn't...

Obviously, I haven't been to an auction.  see above  So I dug through some old pix of previous items I've bought over the year.

At one auction I stumbled upon this...

Would you have bought it?

I did.  I took it home and gave it some love.  To make it look like this...

Very glad I bought it.  I think I paid $40.00 for it.  I sold it in my friends store a few short week's later. I now regret selling it.  It was a beautiful piece.

So, what did you buy this week?  Would you have bought this? 

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Fashion

Well, fall is approaching...

This is usually my attire for fall...

But thanks to Pinterset and my new purse... I feel like I need outfits like this...

All images I found from Domestically Speaking, Ugh!  Pinterset will be the death of me yet.

But I hate to shop!  Jeans take me hours to find, you know when you have fat thighs?  And boots... oh love them, but again with fat calves... are you seeing a pattern here?  The only thing NOT FAT on me is my pocketbook.  And boy, do some of these new fashions need one of those... unless I shop at my friend Robelyn's etsy store...  Her Saddle Tramp shirts are in my price range and oh so chic...

What about you?  Are you ready for fall?  Are you a sweatshirt and jeans kinda gal or fashion diva?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Would You Buy It Wednesday

I was frettin' what I was going to post for today.  I'm trying to take a hiatius from auctions as I have a lot of inventory left from What Cheer and I need to sell to buy at this point. 

Enter Glenn.

My friend, Glenn, from Canada said he was heading up to Gold Rush to do that show and would bring me stuff if I wanted him too...

So, I now have more inventory.

One of the things I bought DH wanted more than I did...


A very old small spinning wheel, it needs some love. (Notice the "leg" a jar of vintage ornaments!)

I'm sure with some elbow grease and hammer and nails it would will be purdy.

So, would you buy it?

Let me know, and find other goodies over at Junker Newbie this week!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

I won... I actually won!

After a bittersweet weekend, you know the kind, school starts this week, Mike starts his new job... summer has come to an end... that kind.  I was reluctant to come to work today because I  just didn't want to face reality.

I got in, (hadn't touched any emails since Friday) and I got a bright ray of sunshine in my inbox!

"Congratulations you are the winner of the Utility Apron blog give away.

Please respond to this email with your mailing address and we'll get it shipped right out to you.

Thank you for entering.

Margo Arrick
Flea Market Style
Blog Administrator"
WHOO HOO!  Do you ever enter blog giveaways and never, ever win anything.  To me, that's not the point really, I like to support my fellow bloggers... but winning does make following a bit sweeter, doesn't it?

So,look at what I won...

Isn't it fantastic!!!  The retro material,the oh-so-useful pockets... I'm in love! 

Now, if you haven't been over to Flea Market Style you haven't been junkin' very long!  First, there are some AmAzInG ladies working hard to bring us inspiration and purpose for what we do diggin' in dumpsters, hittin' auctions.  They are, in fact, working on another fall magazine for us to drool over.

(Aren't those luggage shelves amazing?)

And the utility apron I won was made by Ki Nassauer's sister, Karla.  You can find more apron's in her Etsy store here. I have actually met many of you from Ki's inspiring website, Junk Revolution.

So, if you haven't been to any of the sites I tagged, then I highly suggest you do.  You will find so much inspiration, you'll wanna get your paint pants on, grab a tool belt, and start that project you've been staring at for the past month!

Now GO!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time to Know Me Thursday

It's another Thursday, so you know what that means... you find out more useless information about me! :)

This is completely useless, but a great way to show my age and some o-so-sexy pictures of me, so I'll indulge you...

How many of you know when you have met 'THE ONE'?  I mean really, is there a moment when you think... "This guy/girl is it, I want to spend the rest of my life with him/her."  How many people THINK that, and it doesn't work out?  I didn't know I actually had that moment until later, but Mike, my husband, had that moment on that yellow and black bus... every time I see one of these it reminds me of that exact moment...

It looks like a simple gum wrapper... and to most people it is.  But to us, it's a significant piece of our history.  We were about this age...

See, told you there were some AWESOME pictures of me in this post!  I was 13 years old and he was 14, 'going out' was a new novel item in junior high (which is so not the case now).  We were at the local pizza joint, my friend (as a joke to me) ask Mike if he would go out with me...

"Kim who?"  while playing Pac Man 

"Her over there."

He doesn't look up...

"Sure, whatever."

Ah, young love.  A couple days later he ACTUALLY meets me, we're sitting in class and he's kicking the back of my chair. I'm too embarrassed to say anything... so I don't...

So to remain 'cool' we continued to 'go out'... then were forced to spent time together on the track bus.  (Both the boys and girls junior high track teams rode the bus together to co-ed track meets).  Coming home from one of our last track meets we were sitting in the last seat on the bus and Mike whips out a gum wrapper ring  I was eventually getting to that.  And asks me to marry him someday.  He said he knew I was the one.  I wore the ring for a few days, until it fell apart then put it in my 'memory box'.

We did break up our sophomore and junior year... but got back together senior year...

a not so embarrassing picture of me...  Went to college 150 miles apart for a year, then decided to get married in 1997...

And we've been together ever since...

If anyone told me that day at the pizza parlor I would marry Mike someday I would have laughed... I mean seriously... I was 13!  But ever since that night on the bus, I don't know... I guess it is true I did know "This guy/girl is it, I want to spend the rest of my life with him/her.".

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Fine Blessing

I love blogging.  I may not be the most up and up blogger. But the multitude of amazing people you come across amazes me.  I stumbled upon Suzanne here .  She is doing an amazing good deed.  You can read about it on her sidebar where you see this picture.

She has graciously lined up a way to send Senior Citizen's birthday cards.  I  was so touched when I read this good deed.  The response she has gotten from some of these individual pulls at your heart strings in such a way... it's indescribable.  I have signed up to be on the e-mailing list to receive birthdays.  Won't you too?

Please take the time to visit Suzanne at Coloradolady.  She is another one of those amazing bloggers out there, just like you.

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Would You Buy It Wednesday

I am STILL re cooping from What Cheer.  I haven't even opened the trailer to unload yet... had a meeting Monday night and took the kids school shopping (and to see Smurfs) last night until 10:00.  So, it was another butt-draggin'-what-am-I-gonna-post morning at our house!

I did unpack the smalls that I bought... take a peak, would you have bought one thing in particular?  Passed on another?

I know there is one lady, (who shall remain nameless) that might like picture #2 and another lady (Laurel) that inspired part of #3... so let me know... Would You Buy It?

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Whew! I made it!

What a long weekend!  We made it to What Cheer at around 2:00 Thursday got all set up and ready for 3 days of wheelin' and dealin'!  90+ degree temps and rain ALL THREE nights made for a long, but profitable weekend!

Here's some pictures of our booth...

I got rid of a lot of things I've held onto for awhile, so that made me very happy... I got to finally meet some blogging friends, so that made me ExTrEmelY happy!  Kim from kimmykats and Janelle from The Farmer's Wife stopped by to chat. I love finally meeting the people I follow and chat with on the Internet, the relationship means so much more.  Kim's husband works with my BIL for the same company (just different locations) so it is a very small world sometimes!

Here's a glimpse of what was at this year's flea..

a look from across our booth

 I loved this booth, she had so many goodies!

 I LOVED this chippy bench, she sold one, and this one was calling my name...

Salt and peppers anyone?!

It WAS all good until Sunday, that is.  A big storm came through about 1:30 Sunday morning... glad I wasn't one of these vendors...

 I guess the tent KINDA protected the items...

 Tent ON TOP of camper...

 Tents missing, tents bent...
Wonder if that one was even salvageable?

So, all in all a good weekend... how was yours?

Thanks for stoppin' by,