Monday, June 14, 2010

Move over Mike and Frank, there's a new picker in town!

Well... it's been an exhausting couple of months! My friend Carrie has opened a new seasonal decor store in town, and I'm one of a couple consignors with her. I'm enjoying having an outlet for my finds, especially when I get to sell my pickins'!

I knew of this old hog building outside of town that a couple got along with the purchase of their new acreage... I told the owners, if they ever wanted to get rid of the stuff in there to give me a call.

*Ring Ring*

"Hey Kim, it's Adam, outside of town here, do you remember?" *heart skips a beat*

"Yep, I do."

"Hey, did you want to come out and look through that building" *doing a MAJOR happy dance*

Calmly... "Sure, whenever would work for you, of course."

"How about next weekend."

"Great! See you then!"


wait, there is more!

He couldn't believe I wanted all this stuff... he was even more shocked when I offered him money for it all! DH and I wouldn't have felt right if we didn't offer him something for these pieces... when we knew a couple gallons of poly and some scrubbing would bring us $$$$!!!

He took the money... and so far I've made 175% of my money back after selling the big counter (wish I took an after pix, it was beautiful!!!) and the old 'rustic secretary' a.k.a. the glass doored cupboard. It was used in barns to hold medicine and medical records for farm animals.

Adam DID call American Pickers... but I got there first! LOL!!

The only down side to the story is now we are called "The Clampetts" around town. People joke I should have been sitting on top of the truck in my rocking chair to make it official!