Monday, August 29, 2011

Suitcase Redo

We all love vintage suitcases like this: 

But what happens when you get a bunch like this:

Ugly and nicked.  Well, you could grab these supplies...

and some scrapbook paper and turn it into this:

It is time consuming (I watched the original Tarzan and Jane whilst decoupagin') but just measure, cut paper and have at it.  You do go through a good chunk of Mod Podge, but that's what Hobby Lobby's 40% off one item coupon is for!

So next time, don't pass up the ugly duckling.... make her the beautiful swan!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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Meredith Resnick said...

Love! And what a great way to add interest to a room that is also functional (storage!).

I am impressed!

~ Meredith from A Mother Seeking

A Mother Seeking

P.S. Found you through the DIY Showoff.
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Anonymous said...

Kim, I really like your choice of papers. The suitcase turned out marvelous!!!

kim said...

ok somehow I am anonymous so will tell you again how much I like the finished suitcase.

Shabby Marilyn said...

Hello, new follower, I love the vintage suitcases and what you did!! Good to know about the distress ink, thanks, hope to see you visit and follow!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I have a pile of those ugly suitcases, and now I know how to make them beautiful!

Donna Gelineau said...

I really like this, I have been looking for vintage wallpaper for a trunk I have. I think this will work well. I am not a scrapbooker, so can you tell me how to use the distress ink?

Donna Gelineau said...

Oh, and I am a new follower.

red.neck chic said...

Hey! That's COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you keep the paper from bubbling? I'm trying my hand at mod-podge'n paper on wood...

i don't think it's my thing.

;-D robelyn

Amanda said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love love love this idea and the papers you used along with the distressing ink are perfection! Thank you for sharing!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Use a small roller or rolling pin to roll out bubbles when you are done putting your paper on any surface, they make 1-2" wide ones at craft stores. I usually hold my paper so it is in a cupped or U shape the whole time I am laying it onto my surface I'm covering. When you lay any paper down always start with one side get it in place and attached it then slowly little by little let the paper roll into place on your piece you are covering all the time rubbing the paper as it is going down onto your surface you are covering. Let it cover the surface out of the U shape in a rolling motion to the other side by hanging on to the part of the paper that will attach last on you item, don't just lay the whole piece down at once. You will get more bubbles. Also a key is to use a LOT of mod podge to the point it comes out the sides when you smooth it out or roll it out. It dries smoother that way. If you don't use enough it is hard to move the paper and can dry with air pockets and more wrinkles and rip when you are trying to smooth it out.