Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gotta Love Rednecks!

So, I'm attempting to catch up on my blogs and notice my dear friend Robelyn over at

find her here

Decided to do a post on all her great 'sparkles' she has aquired.  And there I am, in the pile! :)

As  Leslie over at Retreauxgirl  said, "I feel as though being mentioned in your blog with all of these fabulous ladies that i have won some type of award."   And I completely agree!!! If you haven't checked out either one of these lovely ladies blog's it is a must! (AND of course all the other ladies Robelyn let you in on!)
I am not as blogger friendly as some of the other ladies.  I'm a fair weather blogger!  I appologize, but do thank all of you who do swing in every once in a while when I do emerge from my hole!

I do have to share my newest creation with you today.  I decided to make these for some of the teachers that work with DH.  I made over 15 of these, and after he gave the 6 away the other 9 were sold the same day to others in the school!  They are quick and easy to make. 

 I did have to keep the last one for myself.  I am a hat freak and this added the perfect touch!  I wish the pictures would have turned out better... but that's what you get with an IPhone and 6am!

Thanks for stoppin' by!