Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Treasures for What Cheer

The truck is packed that there is still some more room left... so why not bring this chair I decaled and painted.

And how about this table...I got the inspiration from here 

AND my favorite guy, Glenn, who brings me Canadian goodies dropped these off at my door last night.  Hum... since I have 3 I only need to sell two and keep the other one right?

OOHH, What Cheer is going to be so fun!
Thanks for stoppin' by,
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red.neck chic said...

or.... just send the two to ME!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!

That chair ROCKS!!!

;-D robelyn

red.neck chic said...

the word on "word verification" just now was "villin"...
what are you trying to tell me? geesh... just 'cause I want to steal your chests...

Kim 'The Hillbilly' said...

Humm... I know nussing! (evil laugh)
I could send you one full of goodies, now couldn't I?!? Although it would probably be cheaper to fly it down to you the way postage rates are going!