Thursday, September 22, 2011

Would You Buy It Wednesday

Well, I finally hit an auction last night.  I was having SeRiOuS withdrawals!!!  There wasn't much on the smalls side, so I hit the stoneware side of the auction.  Now, I am in no way a dealer in stoneware, so I'm a bit nervous at what I purchase.  My intent, as every auction is, is to purchase things for resale purposes.

So, here I sit, thinking, "Wow!  That seems cheap!"  And bid.  After all the stoneware is sold, I realize I have bought 10 crocks, all but three are either Red Wing or Western Stoneware.  I tally it up, $167.00.  I further inspect... (that's what I get for flying by the seat of my pants) and notice only two, the 4 gallon Red Wing, and the unmarked #2 are in perfect shape.  The rest have some hairlines, big or small.

As I sit here today, I am scrambling on the Internet trying to find a value for these crocks.  Afraid I won't make money but break even on these pieces. (Worst case scenario I will have a collection sitting at home!)

So, my question is, Would YOU Buy It Them?

I have a 12 gallon Red Wing, 10 gallon Red Wing, 10 gallon Western, 4 gallon Red Wing, 3 gallon Red Wing, 3 gallon Western, 2 gallon unmarked, a pottery bowl, 2 pottery deep bowls.

Anyone have any advice where to look or any general advice?  (like don't quit my day job!)

Thanks for any input and for stoppin' by!

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Karen G @ It's Still Life said...

Not sure where you can sell them, but in my area of North Dakota the Red Wing crocks go for about $10 per gallon. They decrease a little as the crock gets bigger, but that is a general idea. If they have hairline cracks they go for a little less. If they are really cracked it definitely effects the value.
It will make for a fun collection if you can figure out how to sell them.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I probably wouldn't have bought them, they're not really my thing. If you look at it as 7 items for $167 and divide it out, you really paid less than $24 for each one! Prices in Karen's area are about the same in my area. The big ones go for a lot less than $10 per gallon here.

The Chickens' Auntie said...

I don't think I would have bought all of them, but I might have bought one. I really like Red Wing crocks! It's tough to figure out how much they're worth because they're so big and heavy that there won't be many on Ebay or Etsy (two good places to see what's selling and for how much). Still, I'd think you could at least get your money back and make some profit, too.

Ranger 911 said...

You just need to market them in different ways. I have a large one that I put a trailing flower in during the summer and place it on one of those "plant rollers" so I can move it around without lifting. They also work well next to the fireplace filled with wood. If you don't mark them up too much, you should at least get your money back. Good luck!

misselaineous said...

Love stoneware crocks...but have bought too many before checking them for hairlines. still love them my "cracked crocks". my friend Steph bought all at a sale for $600 {!}...and only sold a couple for less than paid...and gave me an awesome one for my birthday. we still call her house the "crock hose". long story short? quess i would have bought them any way...for myself...not for resale. even a cracked crock has a good side :o} *e*

misselaineous said...

whoops...typo in above steph's house the "crock hOUse" not hose. *e* got to go to work...forgot to proof! *e*

Diane in the Valley said...

I would have bought all of them! I have crocks all over my house, one holds cat food, one holds bird seed on the front porch, I have one next to the stove to hold cooking utensils, one next to the wood stove to hold kindling. Use them as garbage cans, to hold a roll of toilet paper, to corral all those curling irons. The possibiities are endless.