Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time to Know Me Thursday

WOW!  I almost forgot today was Thursday!  I have to work tomorrow (I typically don't work Fridays... did I just hear you moan?!?) so that threw my whole schedule off!

So, I'm not sure why I started this Time to Know Me Thursdays... I'm not a very exciting person....

But here it goes...

I'm going to talk about my DH Mike.  This week was a very special week for us, and in particular him.  He finally got a teaching job.  He quit college years ago to move in with me 150 miles away from where he was going to college to support me through my schooling.  (Not that he was taking college seriously anyway!)  He always planned on going back, but with kids, a mortgage... you know how things go.

So years later he is working in a factory... a factory that sucked.  He was going through a major funk and I told him to finish school.  I had a job, the kids were in school... why not?

So he enrolled in 2007 to finish his teaching degree.  Working full-time, coaching the kids sports, and taking full load night classes was our life for 3 years.  Let me tell you it wasn't fun!  (I have a WHOLE new respect for single mothers.)

He graduated in May 2010.  Male elementary education teacher... you'd think everyone would want a piece of that! :)  Application after application, interview after interview... nothing.  Never mind the fact that our economy has taken a HUGE dump and education is NOT one of the top priorities, that there were 325,445 teachers fighting for 2,219 jobs at any given point this past year.

So, if you can't get a job, try to get over qualified! ;)  He went back this fall to get his special education endorsement.  After 4 interviews, 3 of them he was chosen 2nd because he didn't have experience (really a 34 year father of 2 who has done long term subbing has NO EXPERIENCE to teach?!?)  The 4th interview finally panned out.

He received the call Tuesday that he received a position in one of the few schools in Iowa who work with the severe and profound disabled.  This school is a fantastic school working with fetal alcohol children, severely autistic and Down's syndrome children.  Everyone says good things come to those who wait... I unfortunately am extremely impatient, but he's not.  So I am so proud to say that these last 4 years have been worth it.  He does have more schooling to do to be certified to teach these children but I think all of us will all be rewarded in the end.  (My checkbook especially!!! lol)

So congrats to my DH!  (pix of us at his college graduation reception at school)

So, thanks for stoppin' by and getting to know me this Thursday!

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