Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time to Know Me Thursday

Hi, I'm Kim.  I don't know if we've formally met yet.

When I follow a blog I like to know the person behind the colorful background, extensive layout, the real 'bones' of the blog.  Many people let us get to know them, but some don't.  I'd like you to know me so each Thursday I'll spend some time with you so you can get to know me a little more than you do.
This is me.

20+ years ago that is!

I grew up on a family owned farm in Iowa.  7 miles from town.  Where my friends were.  And long distance phone lines connected us.  Which wasn't a big deal up until I was 10.  Then it sucked.  A lot. 

So these ladies became my friends.

They had their ups and downs.  The were great listeners (except when they got sidetracked licking their nostrils...gross) but they weren't real great at giving advice.  You could yell at them and take out your frustrations and they wouldn't talk back or argue with you.  I remember coming home from college on weekends and STILL heading out to the pasture to talk to them, they still didn't offer advice, but they still listened.  Some of the best friends I think I've ever had.  :)

So, what did I do for fun?  Feed calves, water horse, pick up rock  played on my homemade jungle gym.  I pretended I was in the Olympics and doing the uneven bars on the grain auger.  See here...

Now this isn't exactly like the one at home... the upper bar wasn't as high up.  But you see where I'm going with this.  As long as dad wasn't unloading grain it was free game. 

Unfortunately now I live in town.  I wish my children had the opportunity to make a rock house in the rock pile, play in the hay mow, or create an Olympic event by the grain bin.  They still head out to Gramma and Grampa's house but are devastated there is no cable.  As my son said, "There is nothing to do at their house... what am I suppose to do, read a book?"  Yep.  If they only knew.

So, thanks for stopping by and taking time to know me this Thursday.

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red.neck chic said...


i think our kids are born with a computer in their hand... and no phone? are you kidding? they've never HEARD of such a thing... not to be confused with HERD.

;-D I like knowing this about you!!! did you have names for the cows?