Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One down...

Hello All!

I have been trying to work on some Christmas presents that will be a little easier on the wallet, and more meaningful than store bought gifts.  I mean, why let all this talent go to waste!  :)

So, from my many, many hours on Pinterest I found this great idea for my mother-in-law and momma.

And here is my version:

I hope they like them. What do you think?

Thanks for stoppin' by!


red.neck chic said...

where is the "love" button? They will love and ADORE them - I assure you!!! I have a necklace made out of a hinge and sparkles that has QUICKLY become my favorite. Ever. Wearing it right now!!!

I have to make things and I haven't even started... yikes!

kim said...

You did good girl! Love them!

Unknown said...

Kim I LOVE these! Did you Buy the numbers or stamp them yourself? These are great!
BTW, you don't blog enough ! LOL


Kim 'The Hillbilly' said...

Dawn, I stamped them myself! And I KNOW I don't blog enough! ;)

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