Monday, April 26, 2010

Reveal at the bank!

My father/mother in law bought the old county bank in Clarksville a few weeks ago. (Built in 1882 they are the 4th owners!) Our hope as a family is to restore it to as close to the original state as we can. (then open an antique store!!)

As we demolish the apartment the previous owners put in the bank we are discovering so many amazing pieces of history.

This video is of my husband and father-in-law pulling the old oil cloth wallpaper off the wall to discover this mural. (We discovered the wallpaper by accident.) We're guessing it hasn't seen the light of day since the early 1900's as no one in town remembers this painting. The date on it is 1889.

We have found more great pieces of history I will have to share with everyone later. This was the most amazing thing to watch. My mother in law, sisters in law, and previous town librarian were all in tears as we unveiled this amazing piece of history!


Jill said...

The video says it's unavailable. This sounds so wonderful though. What a great adventure--to redo this bank! There is an old bank in Dodge where my husband grew up. It's called the "bank-quit" and is a cafe. Cute, huh? Looking forward to seeing more about your project!

kimmykats said...

Sounds like a road trip in the near future! Hope to see the video.

junkermidge said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. What an amazing adventure your family is on. SOOO Cool! I look forward to following along. I hope you share lots.

Prior said...

This is gonna' be sooo cool. I would love to own one of my little town's buildings... I do live in about the oldest house in our town! Can't wait to hear all about this adventure, as it unfolds! Lezlee