Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh Happy Day


Yesterday was Monday. I hate Mondays... I hate Mondays even more when the high is only 8 degrees. After a long, and I stress, lllllooooonnnnnnnggggg day at work, I headed home to a grumpy family. (Seasonal affective disorder is in full swing at my house topped with Iowa Test of Basic Skills)

SO, I start making supper, think to myself "Self, I wonder if anyone got the mail yet, maybe there is a new magazine to make you smile". So I pulled on my boots, trampled out to the mailbox, snow up to my kneecaps, and found the mailbox empty.

*sigh* (again)

Pulled my boots off, shook the snow off my jeans and asked the fam if anyone got the mail (fingers crossed). "Yep, Reyna got it, it's on the back of the couch!" Awesome, I might be in luck yet.

Humm... a box...

interesting... oh wait, look at the tag...

it's from someone who knows me by my junkin name. Hum... *heart racing* did someone make my Monday even better than Hearst Publishing could?!?!?

Yes, yes, YES someone did. Robelyn dear sweet Robelyn has made my day! A couple months ago I tore my old box springs apart and sent her a box of junk with the material off the box springs. And look what she did with it!

Isn't it absolutely, positively, most definitely the most gorgeous think you have ever seen! (My husband didn't show my enthusiasm so I had to call my mom!) She even used some of the junk pieces I sent her. The springs on the side are what held the big springs to the box spring frame.

I could never put into words how special this purse is. Not only because a friend made it with her own two hands, but it holds pieces of things that were mine. It's so personalized in so many different ways. I am truly thankful to Robelyn for her thoughtfulness and kindness. We are a special breed of people, we truly are.


Thank you! Thank you!
THANK YOU! Robelyn...

I have officially been...


red.neck chic said...


I'm SO glad that you liked it!!! Your box arrived in MY hands when I most needed a smile - Thank YOU!!! I had fun making a purse with you in mind... you could be in trouble now. LOLOL

Thank You again Kim!

;-) robelyn

Nora said...

What a nice end to a crappy day... Good for you. It really is cool...

Keep On Junking

Jaybird said...

That's just what you needed on a coooooold day.... a bit of Texas sunshine!!! RNC did good!!!!
Your hawk pictures were awesome!!

Jill said...

Robelyn and I did a "trade" too and I know just how you feel. There aren't words for how awesome her bags are!! I'm so happy for you! AND, the bag is beautiful!

Barntiques said...

What a great surprise! And, even on a Monday! I hear ya with the SAD and the family. Whew! It has been a l-o-n-g winter! Love your blog. I think spring will eventually happen. I think I am gonna get out my dads old boat. Probobly the only means of transportation with the flooding!