Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well- winter in Iowa has been in full force. I believe this is the first day in a good week we've seen sunshine. I've been so busy and so full of winter blues I decided I needed to take time for myself.... Like I use too...

I've been wanting to go behind my Grandparents house to take pictures ever since I got my new camera. The flood took their home, then Grandpa started going downhill... and time flew by. In high school I would spend many days after school 'de-stressing' on the railroad bridge... or walking through the woods... or walking on the sandbars... so I felt it was appropriate to take one of our beautiful frost covered days walking the trail I use to take over 15 years ago.

The house sits on the Conservation Board's land, and they have decided to tear down the house that my 93 year old grandfather spent most of his life in now that he has passed away, before they do, I wanted some pictures... wiping a tear, I stepped into peacefully quiet house, and re-lived my memories of him, and the house.

So, I am here today, to share some peaceful pictures of my memories, of winter in Iowa, of a shack of a house that will be gone, of an much needed day I spend a couple weeks ago...

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Cottage Cozy said...

Farewell to the house but not your many memories!

Stay Cozy, Carrie