Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm horrible!!!

A MONTH ago I said I was going to try to get back on here and be diligent... I'm HORRIBLE... a procrastinator... that's it.

I really have no excuse, work is still slow, DH is still at home taking care of the family and house... he gets to work on projects while surf the internet at work looking for ideas....

The one thing we are both procrastinating on is the bathroom. I was gung-ho to tear it out... and have created more headache in the process. In fact, two more rooms to demo now. That's the bad part of remodeling an old house. I've cracked open the big bag of jelly beans and they are EVERYWHERE!

Where do we start after tear out? Call the plumber, right? I'm scared too... because the plumbing, like everything else is original... and scary! (that's how we got to remodel the other two rooms... corroded copper plumbing). I hate to think of the dollar amount he's going to tell me it takes to make it 'right'...

We have another bathroom... maybe we could just use that one forever?