Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it Spring yet?!?

Friday was a beautiful day... but the forecast wasn't looking so good for the rest of the weekend... I decided to add a little spring to my porch before the snow fell again... in about 15 minutes, and after digging though my garden shed, garage and basement, this is what I came up with. Good thing I decided to do it on Friday.

Saturday was one of the largest farm machinery auctions in the area... they always have some flat racks of goodies, after heehawing around I decided to go... grabbed my coveralls, gloves, boots and hat, I headed out. Got a few goodies I will have to post later... when it started to snow and sleet, I called it a day. 36 degrees outside. Not my idea of auction weather.

Sunday continued to snow... got about 3-4 inches of huge fluffy flakes... am really hoping this is the end of winter here in Iowa... but you can never be too sure!

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Chic Cottage Junk said...

Hello Hillbillies!

Thanks for inspiring me to start my own blog. You gals on Junkrevolution have really given me some great ideas. Now I'm giving you something - an award. Please see my blog for all the fun details!