Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Junk Fairy


The junk fairy was at my house last night! O.k.... that's not my house, nevertheless I was visited!

Lying in bed last night around 9:30 (getting up early to work out, work, parent teacher conferences, running Wiley to wrestling, supper, laundry) I heard knocking, scraping, shuffling outside.

The dog is her kennel, the kids are sleeping, Mike is in the next room who could it be? Robbers, ghosts, my imagination?

I asked Mike to check, he found nothing... nada... zilch... sleepier than I thought

Got up this morning, worked out, grabbed my big thermos of steamy good caffiene and headed out the door...

*gasp* what's this...

ooh... and this...

It was the JUNK FAIRY!!!

I snapped a couple quick pix of the treasures and headed off to work... didn't even get to go digging.

I have discovered my Junk Fairy was my mother. She attended the auction that I missed last night, and this was all stuff they were going to throw into the dumpster...

yes- my fairy junk mother loves me!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is it too soon...

Is it too soon to be looking forward to Spring?

Fall is in full force (27 degrees this morning on my way to work)Yeah, I said fall... the leaves are off my trees... all thirteen truckloads are down at the city compost pile... thanks to some great teamwork by my children and their friends... (for $20.00 of course!)

HOWEVER... I miss the green trees, the flowers, the smell of living things... all things that don't occur in the midwest in fall. Nope, everything here is pretty much shriveled up and dying. (talk about that in another post)

So, I have decided to share some of my niece's talents behind the camera. One afternoon last spring she decided to have my daughter (the one with the umbrella)and two other nieces dress up in some of my mother-in-law's cedar chest treasures. I absolutely LoVe these pictures. They mix vintage with nature.

Enjoy! They brightened my mood on this dark dreary fall day... hope they do the same for you...